NO BOXING NO LIFE BOXING Lace Up Gloves Enhancing System Support 4 Colours

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These straps are “designed enable a lace-up boxing glove wearer to lace up their own gloves without help from another person.” It adds that they’re “designed to utilize all the benefits of a lace-up glove, without changing the fit, performance, or function.”
These Enhancing System are a pair of synthetic straps with velcro on them. They’re functionally divided into three sections.

The longest section, accounting for slightly more than half the strap, is made of a sturdy inelastic material with a strip of velcro loops sewn on the topside and a reinforced hole in the end. You attach the strap to your glove by first threading the laces through this metal eyelet and then tying a knot in them.

The short mid-section is elasticised, allowing you to close the strap as tightly or loosely as you like.

The third section is used for grasping, pulling, and wrapping the strap. It’s made of a sturdy inelastic material with a strip of velcro hooks sewn on the underside. There’s a little tab at the end of this section which, I think, is meant to facilitate the process of grasping, pulling, and wrapping.

And that’s pretty much it.

The way you use a Lace N Loop strap is by grasping the unattached end, pulling on it to tighten your glove’s lace-up closure mechanism, then wrapping the laces and eventually the strap itself around the cuff of your glove. Finally, you secure the strap by way of the velcro strips.


Black / White / Original / Red White Blue




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