Namman Muay Thai Boxing Analgesic Green Cream 120g

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Nowadays, products are Namman Muay used not only in martial arts , but also are widely sought after athletes , cyclists , basketball players and other athletes who need to quickly prepare for physical activity. Products Namman Muay can replace their effectiveness in warming up the muscles warm up even before peak performance . Athletes have Thai oil and ointment also popular for their excellent recovery properties after training.

Namman Muay™ was originated in 1960 by Devakam Apothecary Hall Co.,Ltd. who also owned aWestern -style boxing camp named “King Pet”. This boxing camp was ahome to many famous  Thai boxers including the world champion “Pon Kingpet” Initially, Namman Muay™ was created merely to be used inside the boxing camp to aid boxers from their aches and pains of joints and muscles which occurred during their hard training and tough fights.

For Relief of Muscular Aches and Pains

Reduces risk of injuries during warm-ups

Boosts blood flow to oiled area

With increased blood flow it allows for more oxygen to faster healing

Muay Thai Boxing Cream, in Thai Nam Man Muay, is recognized as the first analgesic sports cream produced by “Nam Man Muay” in Thailand. This popular unique massage cream is employed by athletes from around the world. From Thai boxers to cyclists and soccer players, using pre and post activity is key to warming up and relaxing muscles.

countless athletes use Muay Thai boxing cream as they know it’s use is a necessity before activity, especially fights. The application is simple, rub/massage into muscles and the cream will self activate warming the applied area loosening muscles while opening up pores and nostrils increasing the flow of oxygen, then, your ready for action.

Boxing Oil and Boxing Cream can be used as a warm up tool prior to activity as well as post directly applied to the tired, aching or bruised areas. As per manufacturers guidance, Boxing Cream is prescribed for application over whole body (not head). For pre-sport warm up apply by gentle massaging on, reapplying post-sport is advised to loosen those tightened muscles reducing the lactic acid buildup. Use Boxing Cream as part of healing in post injury treatment, apply 3-4 times daily to injured areas by gently rubbing on. This product is not designed for use with open injuries or infections.


    120 g


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