Martial Art Wing Tsun / Kung Fu / JKD / MMA / Muay Thai Punching Striking Wall Bag 3 Sections UNFILLED Heavy duty Hanging eyelets Canvas 40 x 112 cm

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  • Wall-mounted sandbags are different from ordinary hanging sandbags, and wall targets have their own characteristics. First, the wall target is more portable than the sandbag, and it can be hung on the wall or placed on a stool (using the reverse side to practice iron sand palm or eagle claw work); second, the reaction force of the wall target is the entire wall, which is more than the weight of the sandbag. Can develop penetration, because the wall will not be moved like sandbags, the overall endurance is greatly increased. Wing Chun Jeet Kune Do has a lot of wall target training content, Bruce Lee also used wall target as his main practice tool during his lifetime. Bruce Lee also often used 2-3 sandbags in a vertical position (called two-packs and three-packs), or hung multiple sandbags on the wall separately, containing sand, gravel, beans, steel chips or Iron sand and so on, and then hit separately to experience the different feelings of the fist hitting different objects, that is, the feeling of hitting different positions on the human body. The wall-sticking sandbag is a tool to exercise boxing power. The wall-sticking sandbag can be used to exercise a variety of boxing techniques, and the secret of Wing Chun's serial boxing is that the practitioner first faces the sandbag and keeps a distance of about 17 inches or 45 cm and then uses the elbow force. When punching, you must relax your arm muscles. Do not tighten up. Fifty punches are enough. If you feel sore in your fists, stop immediately. Kicking sandbags is a relatively high skill exercise. You can exercise footwork in sandbag kicking, especially Wing Chun. You must use the same foot to make a series of three feet in one breath. Try to keep your body balanced and not let that foot fall.

  • Especially Wing Tsun punch, Iron Palm. Ideal for all types of fighters.
    The bag can be fill with Rice, mung beans, lentils, sand, iron ball. Anything you like depends on your need

    The wall bag is a great way to practice the various strikes of the Wing Tsun system, it can also help to develop power in the last inch of the strike (some times refereed to as inch energy or last second energy). the wall bag can also help practitioners practice striking and simultaneous blocking with turning to further their understanding and performance in Wing Tsun. However if wall bag training is not done correctly it can lead to serious and potentially permanent injury.

Fill it with. Different fillings will condition your knuckles differently. Rice is generally a good filling to start with. Dried beans like black eyes beans or kidney beans give a slightly harder impact. Sand makes for a dense filling. Very advanced students may wish to use fine gravel or even lead shot. However if you do use gravel or ball bearings or lead shot before you are ready you will not condition your knuckles quickly. Instead you may find your hands crippled for life. Therefore you should pick your wall bag filling carefully. Some people like to put beans in the top section of a three section bag to simulate a harder head strike, and then fill the middle section with rice or sand for a dense body like feel, and anything for the bottom section for kicking. If you're using sand avoid using the orange building sand as the colour may leak through onto your hands and stain the wall behind etc.

  • Material : Heavy duty canvas with heavy Duty Hanging eyelets
    Size : 40 cm x 112 cm
  • Weight : 600g 

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    40 x 112 cm





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