Sleep Right Slim-Comfort Dental Guard Mouth Guard Senior Size Free

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Severe teeth grinding procedure (available for 1.5 to 2 years)

Prevent tooth grinding and clenching, protect your teeth

[Sleep Bruxism] It often occurs during the light sleep period of the sleep cycle. Because there is no food in the mouth during night molars, the amount of saliva secretion is correspondingly reduced, and the teeth are not lubricated, and the "dry" Teeth", this has a serious impact on the wear and tear of the teeth. Over time, the worn teeth may often become sore or painful. When you wake up in the morning, you will also find pain in the temporomandibular joints on both sides, sore chewing muscles, fatigue, and mouth opening. The joints have sound or the mouth is difficult to open, and the teeth are obviously worn and damaged. In addition to these physical problems that plague patients, teeth grinding can also cause patients to have fragmented sleep and poor sleep quality. In patients with severe symptoms, the sound of teeth grinding at night can even seriously affect the sleep of their bed partners. Product introduction Mainly use braces while sleeping to prevent grinding and protect teeth. It can only assist in correction, not a complete cure. For patients who insist on wearing braces for a long time, the degree of teeth grinding can be gradually relieved. Even people with mild teeth grinding can be cured.

*American brand Sleep Right Teether for molars (with box)

*The size can be adjusted freely XS-XL

*made in America

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