About Us

We are supplier and manufacturer of premium sport equipment based in Hong Kong. We sell to fitness and fight clubs worldwide and in addition enjoy serving individual retail customers.

All of our brand products are authentic and legitimate from original brand vendors, and we do have our own warehouse to stock our products.


boxing gear warehouse

boxing gear warehouse 2

We provide superior quality at the best possible prices. We very much appreciate your business and look forward to building a long term business relationship with you!

We offer a wide range of sports and fitness equipment including numerous martial arts styles  (Muay Thai, Boxing, Kung Fu, JKD, MMA, TKD, Karate, etc), health and fitness, outdoor and indoor equipment, clothing and accessories.

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boxing gear wall

Our products are mainly manufactured in China and Thailand and we export globally. All products are manufacturer approved.

We are a legitimate online store with business registration with the Hong Kong SAR (China) Government.

For more information about our products or assistance please feel free to contact us by email or Whatsapp.

Our main aim is to supply sports and fitness equipment to aid customers to build up and maintain their healthy lifestyle. It is our desire to share our love of sports with sports enthusiasts around the world. Love of athletics transcends cultures and national boundaries.

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