Difference between Feiyue shoes from Shanghai DaFu, Top One and France Dafu

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Difference between Feiyue shoes from Shanghai DaFu, Top One and France Dafu

Shanghai DaFu (上海大孚) - Dafu is originally a factory for rubber, they started business way back in 1920's (Feiyui is a product name from Shanghai Dafu). In 1950s, Shanghai Dafu started using their skills from producing rubber to produce durable shoes to meet the market demand. The shoe outsole has a red circle. The shoe model is 501.
Nowadays, this over a hundred years Feiyue original company has many fashionable sneakers, way more than the other two Feiyue manufacturers. 
Top One (大博文)- They also produced shoes since way back 1993, Dafu has merged with another China company to become Top One. These are the original shoes that shaolin monks and martial artists in China have been using, the outsole has a green triangle on the bottom, the outsole is thinner and more flexible than the "DaFu" shoes, the logo looks like "Feivue" ('y' looks like a 'v'). The shoe model is 511. 
When comparing Feiyue shoes of Shanghai DaFu and Top One, Shanghai DaFu shoes are thicker and less flexible than "Top One" manufacturer, it looks slightly better than "Top One" shoe, the logo on the shoe is "Feiyue" as opposed to "Feivue" (notice the 'y' looks like a 'v') that the "Top One" shoes have.
Dafu France - Established in 2006 by Patrice Bastian, the shoe's sole has a red circle, thicker and narrower sole than other 2 Chinese brands, thicker fabric, less fit for martial arts than the other 2 Chinese brands.
Patrice Bastian, co-founder and creative director of French company Feiyue, had a pair himself for practicing martial arts while living in Shanghai (China). In 2006, he realized that there could be a market for these shoes outside of China. 
He began working with a factory in China that manufactured the shoes. However, the factory doesn't really have the franchise of the original Shanghai DaFu Feiyue.
Dafu Feiyeu France

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