TFMGEAR at 2022 Nanhai Martial Arts Youth Competition


TFMGEAR at 2022 Nanhai Martial Arts Youth Competition

On the afternoon of 5th of August , after two days of fierce competition, the "Chaoyin Yuanzhen" 2022 Nanhai Martial Arts Competition and Nanhai District Youth Martial Arts Championship came to a successful conclusion at Feihong Pavilion. This event would not be so successful without the full support of all the fight clubs in Nanhai. Among all the support, TFM Gear is the sole sponsor in the combat group competition.

Tournament Introduction

The 2022 Nanhai Wushu Competition and Nanhai District Youth Wushu Championships is a Martial Arts competition jointly sponsored by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Guangdong) Martial Arts Exchange Center, Guangdong Foshan Nanhai District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and the Nanhai District Education Bureau. For the first time, it is a large-scale comprehensive sports event in the region that integrates multiple martial arts events.

 There were 2 major competitions in this event, combat and tradition martial arts (and 3 divisions traditional martial arts , sanda, kickboxing). There were 41 clubs participating in the combat division with 470 participants, and 600+ clubs with 2760 participants in the traditional martial arts division.



The stage was built by the Professional TFM Team


Some Fight scene of the youth fighters..




Hometown of Martial Arts

Foshan is known as the "hometown of martial arts" and the main birthplace of southern Chinese martial arts. In the early Ming dynasty (14th Century), martial arts in Foshan were quite popular. The late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China era (late 19 century and early 20 century), Foshan martial arts genre had emerged to influence many martial arts masters and martial arts organizations, and spreaded out to the world through various channels. The most famous genres in the world include Choy Li Fut, Hongquan, Wing Tsun KungFu, all rooted in Foshan. The famous martial arts master such as Huang Fei Hong, Wing Tsun master IP Man and Foshan martial arts star Bruce lee. In 2004, Foshan was awarded the title of "martial arts city".

Some of the Martial Arts participants.


 To ensure the children's safety in fights, the gears of this competition are Sponsored by TFMGEAR


TFM Gear

In order to provide safe and professional combat gear for such large scale and official combat and martial arts competition, TFMGEAR (TFM Sport Foshan CD, LTD..) designs and creates a series of professional gear sets to cater these special needs. 

TFM Gear Protectives
TFM Gear Protectives
TFM Gear Boxing Gloves
TFM Gear Shin Guards
TFM Gear

These sets are all professional Thailand craftsmanship hand made with High Quality Microfiber Leather. They are available in both adult and junior sizes. 

The set comes with Head guard, body guard, groin guard, shin guard and lace up boxing gloves.

They are available in wholesale orders. For interesting party please feel free to contact us... And the price can be negotiable.



AAG SPORT is the sole distributor in the overseas market for TFM Gear, we take retail and wholesales orders.  


Media Affiliates

There are multiple nation-wide media affiliated this event includes but not limits to CCTV, Sina, Tictok, Baidu, iQiyi (Tecent) and etc.


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