TWINS SPECIAL MUAY THAI BOXING GLOVES Premium cowhide leather 8-16 oz BGVL6-MK Edition Black White

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Twins BGVL-6 Boxing Gloves comprise the ideal combination of power and protection for optimal performance. Made in Thailand at the Twins Special factory, these leather boxing gloves are crafted from the finest materials. Their high-quality construction makes durable enough to outlast the toughest of Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA training. You will find Twins Velcro Boxing Gloves in the best gyms worldwide, because experienced trainers trust Twins quality.

Inside the boxing glove, high-quality multilayer foam protects your hand from impact. The foam is skillfully shaped to best support your hand while you are punching. Twins BGVL-6 Boxing Gloves provide excellent wrist support and hand protection. The padded wrist and the Velcro-wrist strap both help to hold the wrist in a neutral position while striking. These features also guard against impact from kicks and punches. The high-quality Velcro used on the wrist strap of these Twins Boxing Gloves will help the gloves maintain their value for years.

The BGVL-6 gloves feature an extended cuff, providing additional wrist support when compared to the BGVL-3 version. This longer cuff makes these gloves ideal for boxing training, rather than clinch training, as these gloves limit wrist movement.

These gloves come in several different sizes. They are suitable for sparring, training, and competition. 10 oz boxing gloves can be worn for competition bouts. For high-impact training and sparring, Thai boxers will wear 12 oz boxing gloves, 14 oz boxing gloves, or 16 oz boxing gloves.

Twins BGVL-6 Boxing Gloves feature an embossed pattern across the premium leather. They are currently available in a variety of colors, including orange, yellow, red, blue, black and white. Please note that colors may vary slightly from images available.



  • Premium cowhide leather
  • Long cuff
  • Padding on back of glove
  • Locked thumb
  • Multi-layer high-impact foam core
  • Handmade in Thailand

 -Move Colours Available-




Black White


8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 oz 

The event or your instructor will advise the required glove size. When sparring equal glove weights should be used.

8oz-Suitable for general Asian women or men on sandbags or target practice. World Muay Thai standard glove for 57kg-69kg competitions.

10oz-suitable for general men on sandbag or target practice. Standard glove for
World Muay Thai Association (WMC) 69kg and above competitions

12oz-suitable for men and women who get expectations on more protections . The gloves better provide protection of your hands. Suitable on practice with sandbags or target Pads.  and low level sparring. 

14oz and 16oz are suitable for ordinary sparring practice -Because the glove is thicker, it can effectively protect the scene during the
sparring practice, reducing the pain and the degree of being hit



Premium cowhide leather



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